Fujian Minshan Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982.

Minshan Fire Won the Top 50 Suppliers in 2020

On September 25, 2020, the 3rd China Central Procurement Supply Chain Enterprise Summit Forum and Central Enterprise Central Procurement Supplier Sharing Recruitment Conference with the theme of “Bringing Wind and Waves Hand in Hand” was held in Tai’an, Shandong. Minshan Fire was invited to attend And was awarded the top 50 central procurement suppliers.


This forum is hosted by the (CPCF) Centralized Procurement Supply Chain Enterprise Alliance and the Central Enterprise Centralized Procurement Sharing Platform. It is an ideological feast in the professional field of centralized procurement and supply chain. It takes the deep integration of the supply chain and the Internet as the fundamental path and uses information technology. Supported by standardization, credit system construction and talent training, we will create an intelligent supply chain system supported by big data, networked sharing, and intelligent collaboration. The forum received strong support and participation from many central enterprises. It brought together leaders from various central procurement departments, high-quality suppliers, relevant government departments, industry associations, and financial institutions to discuss the smart supply chain system of China’s key industries in 2020, and central state-owned enterprises in 2020. New policies, new trends and new standards for centralized procurement.


Taking this award as an opportunity, Minshan Fire will contribute more to the promotion and development of the industrialization of central state-owned enterprises and the upgrading and development of the centralized procurement supply chain, continue to meet the high-quality and personalized needs of more customers, and provide more optimized, A more comprehensive fire protection water system solution realizes the in-depth development of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and transformation and upgrading.




Post time: Jan-15-2021