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Introduction of Automatic Tracking and Positioning Jet Fire Extinguishing System


1.System Principle

Use infrared, digital images or other fire detection components to automatically track and locate early fires for the detection of fire and temperature, and use automatic control methods to achieve various indoor and outdoor fixed jet fire extinguishing systems.


It is mainly used in the atrium of large public buildings (hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.) and indoor large space buildings with high headroom (terminals, exhibition halls, logistics warehouses, stadiums, museums, stations, etc.) and other public gathering or crowded places , And some important industrial equipment and installation sites (maintenance hangars, industrial workshops, petrochemical enterprises, ports, docks, material warehouses, etc.).

3.System Composition

The system consists of a fire extinguishing device with a detection component and an automatic control part and a fire fighting liquid supply part.

4.System Classification

(1)According to the flow rate, it can be divided into:

Rated flow is greater than 16L/s, automatic fire monitor fire extinguishing device


Rated flow is not more than 16L/s, automatic jet fire extinguishing device


(2)The automatic jet fire extinguishing device can be divided into:


Jet mode is jet, jet type automatic jet fire extinguishing device


The jet method is spraying, spray type automatic jet fire extinguishing device.

5.How to use

(1)The system is automatically controlled, that is, the system automatically locates and automatically jets to extinguish fire after detecting the fire source or temperature in the automatic control state.


(2) On-site manual control, that is, after personnel at the fire site find a fire, they can directly use the “manual controller” installed in the “site control box” near the automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device fire water monitor to operate the fire extinguishing system Extinguishing.


(3)Remote manual control, the personnel on duty can remotely control the fire-fighting equipment through the video system and remote operating system, and operate the fire-fighting equipment to extinguish fires.



Post time: Jan-22-2021