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Fire Water Monitor for Fire Fighting System

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    Nominal size of interface(mm) Equivalent nozzle diameter(mm) Rated injection pressure(MPa) Rated flow(L/S) Rated flow Range(M)
    50 13 0.35 3.5
    ≥ 22
    5 16
    ≥ 25
    60 19 0.20 7.5
    ≥ 28
    7.5 22
    ≥ 20
    ● explain
    The DC switch water gun is a kind of fire extinguishing water gun commonly used in fire fighting and rescue work. It is operated by a single person or more people, and a water injection gun with water, water and foam as the extinguishing agent; the water gun is composed of interfaces, guns, valves, nozzles and other components.
    ● Scope of application
    It is suitable for DC switch water gun produced by our company; model: qzg3.5/7.5, qzg3.5/7.5k.
    ● Product features
    The valve body of the product is made of aluminum alloy by precision die casting, and the interface, barrel and nozzle are forged by aluminum magnesium alloy. After precision processing, the surface is anodized and sprayed with plastic. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, flexible connection and wide range of use.

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